(Not) Coming

Additional artists and culture makers who want to take part and don’t want to come are invited to let us know by sending an email to info@niemandkommt.de to have their name included.

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There are currently 30 names in this directory beginning with the letter M.
M. Kardinal

Mahide Lein, AHOI

Maike Bartz

Maja Das Gupta

Marc Zwinz

Mareile Metzner

Maren Strack

Margot Schlönzke

Markus&Markus Theaterkollektiv

Martha Hincapié Charry

Martin G. Schmid

Martin L. Reiter

Martin Zellerhoff

Martina Klein

Martina Neu

Matthias Beckmann

Matthias Mayer


Maximilian Ehrhardt

Mélanie Witteborg

Melli Müller

Merlin Puppet Theatre (Dimitris Stamou und Demy Papada)

Michael Celer-Busse

Michael Schwager

Michaela Muchina

Miguel Witzke Pereira

Ming Poon

Miriam Jakob

Moni Fischaleck

Moving Poets Berlin (Brianne Curran, MyLoan Dinh, Maya Nathalie Gomez, Jaqueline Heer, Till Schmidt-Rimpler, Mark Swysen) und Moving Poets Novilla